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Pumpkin Patch Spice & Everything That's Nice About Visiting One

Halloween is approaching and while I have not wore a costume lately, I was a big fan growing up. To still get in the Halloween spirit, I have found my new alternative. Yes! Spending time at the pumpkin patch and taking home a few carefully hand-picked pumpkins is my new fall thang. There's so many fun things to use pumpkins for such as, carving, decorating your casa, and baking yummy fall desserts with them.

Mr. Bones is my go-to pumpkin patch as of last year. Everything is much more elaborate now for the kiddies. Fun pumpkin houses, picturesque vibes, and my absolute fave, the real life sized tipi village.

There is also Mr. Bones' Sideshow Spectacular that brings entertainment such as, Knife throwing, story-telling, magicians, contortionists, music and more!

I mean one can't deny when living in Los Angeles, visiting a pumpkin patch is a real festive trick to get you in the fall spirit. Oops, I mean TREAT! So many pumpkins - so many to choose from! My favorite will always be the little white ones for a nice fall-holiday touch in the home.

It's fun for kids, but adults can have fun here too obviously, as you can see! Not to mention it's local and convenient for me right in Culver City. No need to deal with the rush hour traffic shenanigans.

I had a great time meeting my good friend Myla there and discussing exciting plans to come.

(This post is dated 2016)

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