About Me


Hi, I'm Bri Rachal. an LA Native, blogger, soul-preneur and all around wellness enthusiast. Nature is my medicine; the ocean is my peace.

The majority of my work has been in the hospitality food and beverage industry. I have worked closely with Executive Chefs to deliver food from the kitchen to the dining room, worked to enhance customers' experiences, and have learned about various foods and beverages along the way. Basically, I'd make for a great host at events. In addition, I managed to explore the industries of retail and interior design, as an assistant. Nevertheless, the restaurant industry has always provided me with the partial freedom to explore avenues.

In College, I studied Arts and Humanities and trained in the performing arts. Ultimately, receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

I have a passion for physical & mental health, food, travel, interior decorating, and photography. I have managed to intertwine said passions with my storytelling and bring to you my Lifestyle Blog.

I believe being intentional and grounded in our purpose, is when we will achieve true happiness and success. Through personal development, healing, and a healthy lifestyle, we can achieve our greatest potential; We have the power within us.

I am continuously tapping into my inner most strengths and making it appoint to do my inner work in order to be of service to others, defy the social norms and bring about change in my efforts to make the world a kinder, more connected place.

I have been extremely patient with myself and empathetic to my process. My practices in meditation and yoga have been especially instrumental. 
I am dedicated to walking in my purpose and doing what brings me the most fulfillment and happiness and I wish the same for you.

At your leisure, enjoy my wellness tips, travels, recommended food spots, recipes, and more. Please feel free to
get in touch.

God bless!