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 Hi, I'm
Bri Rachal

I believe being grounded
in purpose and intention is where prosperity meets joy. Through healing, personal development and a healthy lifestyle, we can achieve our greatest potential.
We hold the power within us.
I support others through the process of transformation to ultimately achieve their greatest potential in mind, body & spirit.

cairns - stacked rocks for hiking path

Training & Education

Transformational Coaching Certification
Universal Coach Institute

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
California State University of Long Beach

Associate of Arts in Arts & Humanities
Santa Monica College

Cognitive behavioral approach to change integrating active listening, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, accountability and cleansing of emotional blocks in a safe-empowering space.

Sociological perspective of society and culture on the interpersonal, inter-group and global levels. Various analysis including, effects of family history, work experience and life-changing events, social context of sexual identities, social institutions of racial, class and gender inequalities, social order and change, positive impact of neoliberalism, human rights and social justice.

Integrated studies in the history of dance [as a sacred ritual, performing art and social-cultural expression]; Technique & training in Ballet, Modern and Jazz; Performance experience in staged productions [of West African, Middle Eastern and Modern Dance]; Analysis of the philosophy of ethics, existence and the methods of nonviolent communication [to increase interpersonal harmony through expression, empathy for others and connection with oneself]; Critical thinking, writing and critique of literature; Composition and color theory in art design.


I worked closely with Executive Chefs in the hospitality food and beverage industry for over 8 years, delivering food from the kitchen to the dining room, enhancing guests' experiences, as I acquired a ton of knowledge about culinary art including, food safety, nutrition, dietary restrictions, meal and wine pairing, and menu creation. Basically, I'd make for a great host at the holiday party. In addition, I managed to explore the industries of retail and interior design, as an assistant. Grateful for my mentors, the opportunities and autonomy that allowed me to explore my passions.



 I am devoted to honoring my soul's purpose, my inner-child and the gypsy within, on my quest. I am committed to following my deepest callings and doing what brings me fulfillment and joy, as I serve others to bring about change in my efforts to shift the paradigm and defy the social norms, while chipping away at the constructs of inequalities to make the world a kinder, more connected place of

love and unity.

Ritually tapping into my mind, body and heart to do my inner work to heal wounds, clear old-stagnant energy and shine light on my shadows. My practices in meditation and yoga have been especially instrumental to overcoming my personal struggles and blockages. I will continue to be incredibly patient and gracious with myself in my process.


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