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Southern Summer Brunch

The biggest craze that every brunch menu offers is shrimp & grits, a southern specialty. Everywhere I go I'm always ordering it and according to my taste buds, this is the place that triumphs over all. The shrimp are big, juicy and flavorful. The grits are a bit creamy, but not too creamy and not too dry. They are literally the perfect texture. The dish comes with ham, but I ordered it without and still, it was bursting with flavor and the gravy-sauce gave it that New Orleans creole touch.

Yardbird prides their self in "farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality."

The newest location is in Beverly Hills, CA at the Beverly Center where Grand Lux Cafe once filled the 6,000 sq ft. space, on the corner of San Vicente and La Cienega. All other locations are found in Las Vegas, inside of The Venetian Hotel, Miami, and Singapore.

The walls inside are filled with phrases your mother used to always tell you like, "Don't put your elbows on the table" and "Don't talk with your mouth full."

The Southern Peach sweet tea cocktail is delicious. I just made it a mock-tail the second time since I wasn't in Vegas livin' my best life like I was the the first time.

Confession, I've been pescatarian for two years, but since I've made food exploring a hobby of mine, I had to bend the rules a little bit for this special occasion, ya know?! So, let me tell you about the fried chicken. Man! it is crispy, juicy, and you know the skin is always the best part. It comes with honey n' hot sauce and you have GOT to drizzle it on the chicken. It would be a shame not to. The regular half chicken only comes with 2 waffles, which was kind of disappointing. But, if you want more waffle you have to order more chicken. The whole chicken is excessive for two people, in my opinion, and it still only comes with 4 waffles so it is not enough to share with 3 or 4 people. The waffles are nice and fluffy and crisp on the outside. What I recommend doing is adding the order of waffles with strawberries, fudge, powdered sugar, and that will make it perfect for family style chicken and waffles.

Grab your girls, grab the boys, or grab the family and have yourselves a summer southern brunch!


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