Janga: Jamaican Me Crazy

If you are looking for some good Caribbean food, I’ve got just the place for you. Don’t worry, you do not have to travel over 2,000 miles to satisfy your cravings. If you live in Los Angeles, you are in luck. Janga by Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine is located in Culver City — a city that is dear to my heart — as I grew up in Culver City from the age of 7 years old to my teen years at CCHS. Go C’s House! The restaurant is located in the downtown area of Culver City on Culver Blvd. and Main St.

Ambiance It is a small place and very quiet + very unassuming. There is a small patio area in front. I hear they have live music on Fridays. A few Jamaican-inspired art pieces, one which features Bob Marley – decorates the tangerine accent walls. With it’s Reggae music, banana leaf trees, tropical drinks and Jamaican flavors, this spot makes for the perfect “island getaway” vibe.

Food & Drinks They have a full tiki bar and they offer margaritas, mojitos, Mai Tai's, and so much more. I ordered the pineapple margarita, which was the perfect amount of alcohol + sweetness. For my entree, I ordered the Spicy Shrimp Plate with healing mustard greens, roasted potatoes, and white rice. The shrimp is in a spicy red buttery sauce with green & red bell peppers and onions. I like to mix in my white rice with the shrimp. The potatoes are soft and seasoned to perfection + the greens taste really fresh. Overall, the food tastes very authentic and home made. Based on this dish, I’m sure the other menu items are just as flavorful, succulent, and comforting.

Service The staff is very pleasant, genuine and easy-going, which helps it to feel like you are in the Caribbean.

Queue music – No worries, be happy!


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