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Favorite Place to Eat in Long Beach


I went to a this restaurant after class on Monday in Long Beach called The Attic. I almost did not give it a chance, but I am so glad I did.

Okay, so you're wondering what's up in the Attic?

Without further ado, I ordered the Cajun Fries for my starter. Simple enough, right? These were about the best fries I’ve ever had. I honestly can say that without a doubt. I still love Wingstop’s fries too! But, these Cajun fries gave them a run for their money. They are served with a yummy honey-buffalo sauce. I inhaled them; didn’t even get a picture of them. I mean, a girl has got to eat.

For the main course, I ordered the jambalaya and greens. So I’m pescatarian, but everyone deserves a cheat day, right? Plus I’m creole and I love my jambalaya. Two nice big prawns sitting on top of a bed of rice with chicken, andouille sausage, and ham. It was spicy and delicious.

My date had the shrimp po boy and he said “It was amazing. Not better than Orleans n’ York, but it was definitely good.” He called the biscuits “hybrid,” because they were a lot like cornbread. Giant cornbread, I might add.

I wouldn’t recommend ordering the strawberry lemonade. It is carbonated and I don’t want carbonated lemonade. I would have ordered sprite you feel me?

The staff were all really nice and genuine. The manager came to tell us that he checked the forecast and it was about to rain so we could move to the enclosed bar section if we wanted to. So, we did and about five minutes after we got our food, it started pouring.

A nice cozy-comforting meal out looking the rain while staying dry.

Oh yeah, they have a doggy menu too! So cute. Macho loved his bacon, sausage, and chicken bowl.

Check them out on Yelp


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