Zinque: French Bistro

It's always fun roaming the streets of your city like a tourist with one of your longest friends.

Here is a guide to a day in Los Angeles, the city I call home, the city I was born and raised, the city where I still reside.

This day started with brunch at The Griddle Cafe, the REAL House of Pancakes. No seriously, they serve giant pancakes in all kinds of delicious flavors. It should be called Willy Wonka and the Pancake Factory.

After brunch I stopped at American Apparel on Hollywood Blvd and I bought this striped belt for 30 cents since they are going out of business. YES, I know right? Sad. Bye bye American Apparel. It's been real and there will never be another like ya.

Walking the streets of Hollywood Blvd is such a tourist thing to do and I've only done it a total of three times, believe it or not.

Next stop? Zara. Yeee! Despite the fact my friend and I were in a store full of fabric, people could not help, but to notice her stunning outfit she was wearing. Of course they wanted to know where she got it and it was satisfying hearing her say, "I made it" EVERY time. How empowering and inspirational. We had a ball in Zara and I purchased this beautiful denim crop top with a frayed detail piece over the left shoulder. It went perfectly with the skirt I was already wearing. So yes, complete new outfit and was ready to take on more of my city. Totally felt like Clueless meets Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I grabbed a white rose + put it behind my ear + pose for the camera now flick flick flick. I did not even want to take this outfit off. I mean, there was no way I was taking it off so off to dinner I went. All I had to do was a shoe change from strappy sandals to Stan Smith Adidas for a casual outting. I ended up at Zinque in West Hollywood, which is an informal bistro with a cool European vibe so this style made for the perfect day to night outfit. Keep scrolling to the bottom to find out what I ordered at the yummy hip bistro.

This was my first time here at Zinque and I wasn't super hungry so we decided to share the smoked salmon tartine and the garlic brussels with pancetta (italian cured pork belly) on the side, as I'm still a part of the no meat zone. Both were so good and the beer I am holding is a pineapple mana wheat beer, a smooth-bodied tropical brew by Maui Brewing Co.

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