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Catch a Tulum Vibe in Playa Vista, CA


"Playa Vista is now the land of tech empires — Facebook, YouTube, google, yahoo, Microsoft, and Belkin to name a few."

Runway Playa Vista is a beautiful outdoor center for shopping, fitness, beauty, living, dining, working, and movie going. Just 1.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean — The area continues to develop and expand bringing in new activities and experiences.

Sol Mexican Cocina is Runway's most hip and fun restaurant for drinking and eating with a West Coast feel. It has a bar and a patio with heaters and a fire pit. Happy Hour happens on weekdays 3pm-6pm with the exception of Taco & Tequila Tuesdays. Brunch happens on the weekends with $3 mimosas and Live Music every Sunday. By the way, the margaritas are beautifully crafted. My favorite is the Pineapple Serrano Margarita.

Complimentary tortilla chips with a delicious mild salsa and bean dip with pepitas.

Signature Hot & Raw Tropical Ceviche

aka my fave thing on the menu

Sashimi grade fish, which is first marinated in lime and orange juice and then mixed up with habeneros, mangos, tangerines, avocados, cucumbers, and served with beautiful-delicious beet chips. The presentation is everything!


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