My Easter Sunday Brunch at Cavatina

"Tomorrow is a Easter, a tic a tic a tic." That's a little Easter song I grew up hearing from my mom. My mom says my grandfather always would say that it did not matter if it was raining all month, on Easter Sunday, the sun always comes out. So every year I notice that the sun is out and shining on Easter Sunday. It has not failed one single year here in Los Angeles, at least.

Easter marked the end of the first quarter of the year. And well the time sure is tickin' and none of us have all of our eggs in one basket. We've got projects, deadlines, obligations, events, and whatever else you all have going on.

“Easter is the only day it is okay to put all of your eggs in one basket.”

If your year, thus far, has been anything like mine, you are just trying to keep up with the days and you may be wishing for a little fairy to slow down the time a bit. I mean, it's cliche to say this year is going fast, but NO, this year is REALLY going fast. But that's good, right? They say time flies when you're having fun, right? Well, it sure has been productive. I know that much and I am excited for all the things it has in store going forward.

One thing about me, I believe in balance. Work hard, but have some fun in between. And that is also why I believe so much in doing what you love, because when you do, it’s not work at all. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. So, stop and smell the roses. Notice the sun when it is kissing your skin. Look up at the stars. Stay light hearted. Enjoy the simple things, you know? Cause life is really tough sometimes, but so are we.

Enjoy the process, take one day at a time; one thing at a time + take time out to enjoy life's perks with good people. In other words, Treat yo self!

My Easter Sunday was spent at brunch at Cavatina. The Sunday brunch here is amazing. I mean, who doesn’t love all you can eat buffet and bottomless mimosas? They have seafood, turned meat, sushi, a crepe station, an omelette station, and dessert, which includes yummy fruit tarts.

The ambiance is serene with peaceful garden vibes. It is just the perfect place for a little magic fairy dust to slow down the time. Or maybe that was the endless amount of

champagne (insert monkey emoji covering mouth here.) Either way, time definitely froze when I was here, which makes it perfect for taking the day out of your crazy month to spend time with family + friends + it is a beautiful date spot. I truly appreciate moments like these where I can unwind, laugh and enjoy the sun.

Since it is now the second quarter of the year and it is also officially spring, I am going to spring some intentions right here, right now on you and I would love to hear some of your intentions too.

Be mindful of others. Meaning, acknowledge the homeless person, shake hands with people whom I don't know, call up my loved ones just to see how their day is going.

Surround myself with like-minded, positive souls. Have you ever heard that the five people you spend the most time with are the people you become most alike? Or birds of a feather flock together?

Be in the moment. This means focusing on my breath, finding joy in the little things, and acting on those little thoughts. You know when you hesitate to do something, because you think all the eyes in the room are on you? Half the time they're not and other people are just as worried about the same thing. So yup, none of that; I'll be dancing like no one is watching and if they are, so be it.