Hi, I'm Bri Rachal. I am an LA Native, blogger, soul-preneur and all around wellness enthusiast. I love feeling free in the world and being in nature. The ocean, in particular is freeing to my soul. 


I believe what we put out into the universe will eventually be returned to us. If we show up to do the work, with our head held high, believe, have patience and practice diligence, then doors will open.

It is up to us to tap into our inner most strengths and defy the social norms to bring about change to make the world a better place.

My purpose is to maintain my wholeness and do my inner work so that I can be at my best to help others via holistic therapies. I have been extremely patient with myself and empathetic to my process. I am intentional in walking in my purpose and doing the things that bring me the most fulfillment and happiness and I wish the same for you! xo