About Me


Hi, I'm Bri Rachal. I am an LA Native, blogger, soul-preneur and all around wellness enthusiast. I love feeling free in the world and being in nature. The ocean, in particular is freeing to my soul. I believe what we put out into the universe will eventually be returned to us. If we show up to do the work, with our head held high, believe, have patience and practice diligence, then doors will open.


Back when I was looking for my first job, I went to an outdoor mall looking for a position in retail with a folder filled with resumes, locked and loaded. I was so nervous, but I thought if I truly believed, then someone would hire me. Well, it did not exactly happen the way I expected. Nonetheless, I manifested a job that day. As I was walking, I stumbled upon someone who I hadn't seen in about six years. Unbeknownst to me, she was an assistant manager at a restaurant around the corner. She walked me over to meet her bosses and they sat down with me for an interview. Low and behold, I was hired for a hostess position right then and there! After all, they say it's not what you know, it's who you know. But more than that, my intuition called me to a place for a purpose. I had no certainty in what would come of it, but I went out on a limb; I was prepared and the opportunity presented itself to me. This was by no means my first attempt, though. In fact, the first job I applied to, four years prior, was for a hostess position. So there I was, I got my dream first job and I was not even applying to it, classic. A summer filled with lobster mac and cheese, mahi mahi tacos, and an ocean view. Oh yeah, and lots of phone calls and seating people too!

By this time, I was finishing up Community College, where I had a passion for the performing arts, such as, Ballet, Modern dance, and theater. There, I received my Associate of Arts in Humanities. Fast forward and I was promoted to a food runner, working closely with chefs to deliver food from the kitchen to the customers. Then, I became a server, which I now have five years of experience in. While the majority of my career has been spent in the hospitality food and beverage industry, I've managed to dabble into luxury retail and Interior Design as well. However, the restaurant industry has always provided me with the partial freedom to still spread my wings a bit. I have a passion for wellness, food, travel, and interior decorating. I know my stuff a little bit when it comes to photography, too. You know, lighting, angles, ISO, F-stop, and aperture. Not to mention, aesthetic. Tying in all of these with my writing, I concocted my blog in late 2016. Still, I had not yet completed my studies at a four year University so I buckled down and ultimately received my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Putting one foot in front of the other and walking through doors is how our path unfolds in front of us. We do not know the exact destinations, but as long as we are walking with intention and grounded in our purpose, then we will arrive. We may get knocked down, get lost along the way, lose faith, trip and stumble, but we have the power within us to recenter, redirect, heal and rise again. Furthermore, it is up to us to tap into our inner most strengths and defy the social norms to bring about change to make the world a better place. 

My purpose is to maintain my wholeness and do my inner work so that I can be at my best to help others via holistic therapies. I have been extremely patient with myself and empathetic to my process. I am intentional in walking in my purpose and doing the things that bring me the most fulfillment and happiness and I wish the same for you! xo